Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pattern: crochet elephant


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    1. Will you try to make the same?;)

  2. Hi Marina, thank you for suggesting your tutorial to me on LinkedIn. Here is the post of your featured craft: http://www.theartsycraftsy.com/2012/06/crochet-elephant.html

    And you are credited here as one of contributors: http://www.theartsycraftsy.com/p/team.html

    Thank you so much! I would like to reward you with a 'Featured On' button. =) Kindly email me at theartsycraftsy@gmail.com

    Cheers! Lynn of The Artsy Craftsy

  3. I adore your blog ...such fun projects and your generosity in sharing with us all is just amazing and extremely kind of you ty so very very much...